All sidewalls and cleats in our belts are hot vulcanized to guarantee adhesion and durability.

The hot vulcanization was invented by Charles Goodyear in the first half of the ninenteenth century, and is the most reliable and durable to "bind" elastomers.

The application of corrugated edges and cleats in our Sidewall Conveyor Belts is by hot vulcanization with the latest generation machinery.

For each cleats there has been created an ad hoc cycle an a constant testing. Temperature, pressure, time and inclination of the vulcanization are kept under constant control to guarantee the same replication process for each cleat.

The hot vulcanization is the best guaranteed process for quality in all Sidewall conveyor belts, in fact, other systems like like chemical vulcanization or bonding are constantly threatened by external factors that may determine low adhesion such as: temperature, humidity, processing time, etc.. with the results that the conveyor belt produced with these systems can present significantly different adhesions in verious sections or components.

From tests performed it can be seen that in the hot vulcanization used in Sidewall Conveyor Belts, adhesions are obtained are much higher than the average values and are higher than 12N/mm, while with the cold vulcanization values are between 4:08N/mm

Hot Vulcanization in Sidewall Conveyor Belts allows a much higher range of application, in fact with this method the adhesion is exeeded by the normal cold bonding system, and may be used for high inclined or vertical conveying at temperature between -40°C +150°C.