What is Sidewall


Sidewall comes from the experience of three Italian companies who put in a network their history, their skills, their men believing that produce a good belt is a mission


The whole range of our production is manufactured in Carpegna, Italy 50 km far from Rimini, thanks to the experience and cooperation of three different Companies:

SIG for the construction of the base belt with rigid insertion both with textile and steel carcass  depending on customers’ exigencies​

LAVORGOMMA for the production of cleats and sidewalls according to the dimensions required by the market​

MORINAT for the ​HOT VULCANIZATION of profiles on the base belt, to grant the best possible adhesion​

All the belts’ components are produced in Italy with first class raw materials regularly tested in our inner laboratories.
Three production lines, with a manufacturing capacity of about 150m per day, are able to grant flexibility and promptness in deliveries to satisfy the demand of today’s international markets.
Our team of specialists can also support you with a complete after-sale service, which  includes assembly, start-up and belt’s vulcanization on plant, if required.
Our commercial and technical staff is at your full disposal for any explanation and/or information you may need.


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