Sidewall rubber conveyor belts for high inclined and vertical systems, are manufactured with components specifically studied for this kind of application.


The base belt, both with textile and steel carcass, is produced with specific cross-stabilized insertions to provide high transversal stiffness granting the needed support in the return side and the correct stability for a perfect performance of the belt.

Sidewall and cleats have been designed with a total flat base to have a higher flexibility and a better and constant adhesion granted by the uniform pressure distribution during the hot vulcanization.

Any component, base belt, sidewall and cleats can be manufactured with any rubber compound:


Abrasion resistant Grade Y Abrasion resistant Grade W
Cold resistant -50°C Heat resistant 130°C – peaks 150°C
Oil and fat resistant Self-extinguish Grade K
Oil resistant and Self-extinguish Grade K White for food


This range of compounds allows the usage of Sidewall Conveyor Belts in any field of application and for any conveyed material.

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