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Sidewall Conveyor Belts Our story old


An Italian History

SIDEWALL Conveyor Belts is a network of Italian companies for the production of hot vulcanized belts for steep inclined and vertical conveying. To achieve excellence in Bulk Material Handling and to grant quality and reliability, SIDEWALL gathers history, experience and work force from SIG Società Italiana Gomma S.p.A, Lavorgomma Srl and Morinat Srl.


We manufacture in Italy. We supply worldwide

SIG, established in Milan in 1945, is the leading manufacturer of conveyor belts in Italy. SIG produces in Italy and supplies worldwide a whole range of rubber conveyor belts. TEXRIGID® and CROSSRIGID® special lines are the base of SIDEWALL Conveyor Belts. TEXRIGID® and CROSSRIGID® are cross stabilized conveyor belts to satisfy the demands of steep angle and vertical conveying systems.

SIG has its main factory in Gorla Minore (Varese), Northern Italy, and the head office in Milan. In 1997, thanks to its production international traits, SIG chose the LLOYDS Register Certification. UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certification was obtained in 2003.



People, Ideas, Solutions

LAVORGOMMA was established in the early seventies with headquarter in Belforte All’Isauro (PU). Specialized in the production of Roller coating - truly endless belts and technical items in rubber, LAVORGOMMA manufactures all corrugated sidewalls and cleats for SIDEWALL Conveyor Belts. They are produced with abrasion resistant, heat resistant, self estinguished, oil resistant, cold resistant and food grade rubber compounds in a range from 40MM to 400MM to satisfy any need.

The company handles all the production cycles in-house using the most modern technologies to ensure a quality standard of increasingly higher level. Lavorgomma makes available to each customer the design and customization service offered by its internal qualified personnel with over 30 years of experience.


Conveyor Belts

In the field of conveyor belts since 1966. In the beginning of the 80’s, the use of hot vulcanized technology for corrugated sidewalls and cleats was developed. The new production lines use the best suitable technology that grants the process to achieve strong adhesion and high quality belts. MORINAT service team is able to install, repair and replace every kind of conveyor belts worldwide.