Italian Excellences Arise from Passion

Made in Italy brand has been used since 1980 to indicate the international uniqueness of Italy.

Made in Italy​ Fashion, food and wine, super cars and motorcycles , are recognised because they have a soul, a heart and with the same passion we produce Sidewall Conveyor Belts. All belts follow all the Made in Italy requirements to become one of the best or the best quality conveyor belt that is in the market right now.

All components: cross stabilised base belts, corrugated sidewalls and cleats that are in our Sidewall Conveyor Belt, are specifically designed and produce in Italy.

The complete Sidewall Conveyor Belts is tailor made for your need, our technicians can support you in all technical requierements, dimensioning and calculation. The quality is one of our main purposes, so we can deliver the perfect Sidewall Conveyor Belt every time.

Your plant is too important not to use Sidewall Conveyor Belts.