Sidewall conveyor belts cleats stone

Sidewall conveyor belts

Cross stabilized conveyor belts whit hot vulcanized corrugated sidewalls and cleats

Sidewall® corrugated steep angle conveyor belts consist of a cross stabilized base belt, corrugated sidewalls and cleats
Sidewall® conveyor belts are the most efficient and reliable system for steep angle or vertical conveying bulk material and are used in several industries:

•    Steel plants
•    Mining
•    Foundries
•    Batching plants
•    Power plants
•    Tunneling
•    Recycling and waste industries
•    Sand, gravel and stone quarries


Sidewall conveyor belt system has many advantages if compared with conventional belt conveyors, bucket elevators or mechanical elevators:

•    No Transfer Points from the feed hopper to the discharge point
•    Higher handling capacity
•    No material spillage
•    Minimum maintenance
•    Maximum space utilisation 
•    Low Power Requirement

Lifespan of a corrugated sidewall conveyor belt mainly depends on the connection between the profiles (sidewalls and cleats) and the base belt and on the rubber compounds quality. Sidewall hot vulcanization system and exclusive profiles design ensure the highest, strongest  and most  reliable adhesion in the market. 

Base belts, corrugated sidewalls and cleats are all manufactured in Italy using only top quality and continuously tested raw materials.

Your plant is too important not to use Sidewall Conveyor Belts